The Trudgians

There are a myriad of things the world could benefit from having more of. One of them is the Trudgian family from Wiltshire. We know of few people who can say they have helped nurture the joys of travel for us all as this family has successfully done. Kindness, generosity and a warm approachability makes seeing this family so enjoyable and leaves a vicarious feeling of being there with them as they tour Britain.

Since their beginnings only a few years back, The Trudgians’ have paved the way for so many like-minded travellers and journalists,  recording their journeys, and providing fellowship and guidance for all things caravanning. Their reward is now respect and popularity in this field. Be sure to see all their guidance films covering so many detailed aspects of the caravanning world.

In this series of five videos below, we join them as they tour Devon in May on a wonderful half term family holiday.

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