Pembrokeshire’s Southerly Asperous Peninsula

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Sandy coves, towering cliffs, and bursting headland mark this rural corner of Wales, a mystery to many of us, full of hidden secrets with so much to offer. Famous for its 600 million year old coastline and beaches, there are miles of peaceful estuaries, castles, stone aged forts and nestled villages …

… Its Wales’ western most limb with half the number of tourists visiting here compared to that of Cornwall, the ‘little England beyond Wales’, some of the oldest lands of Wales and a place hidden in time. It’s the only coast in the Country with a national park dedicated to it, home to the Rock Sea-spurrey herb. The gulf stream keeps everything warm; its flat, good soils, warm springs and makes good farming with warm winters, 2000 farms and more diary cows than people.¬†Blue stone from the Preseli hills North of the peninsula were taken mysteriously 200 miles to Stonehenge. Continue reading “Pembrokeshire’s Southerly Asperous Peninsula”