Lancashire Coastal Heritage and Hinterland Forest

Eric Morecambe

Sea, hills and woodland hinterland are the backdrop for our exploration in the North of Lancashire …

Morecambe tide out

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…  One of the wonders of the North, Morecambe’s four mile curved promenade gives panoramic views of Lakeland hills across Morecambe Bay, a name mentioned on maps as far back as circa 100 AD. The bay, a tidal estuary into which five rivers drain, is a beautiful natural environment with abundant bird life and varied marine habitats. Eric Morecambe entertains holiday makers even today, his statue cherished by visitors. The binoculars around his neck reference his love of bird life. Sandy beach in front of the promenade prompt holiday makers to indulge the great views of sea and hills whilst relaxing with more traditional seaside activities. Happy Mount Park offers themed attractions and refreshments for children, whilst visitors of all ages can enjoy walks around gardens of interest that attract wildlife. Continue reading “Lancashire Coastal Heritage and Hinterland Forest”