Arthurian Mid Cornwall – Part 2

Bodmin Moor

Devonian sandstone and slate landscape, with granite batholith …

…  creates a nostalgic Cornish ambience in its middle lands, mystical echos of smugglers, legends, grand houses, wind swept moorland, tempestuous coastline and alluring villages. Seasonal variation welcomes abundant inspiration for the Kernewek traveller. Do please join us as we venture further into mid Cornwall. Continue reading “Arthurian Mid Cornwall – Part 2”

Cornwall’s Granite Peninsular – Part 1


The granite land mass of Britain’s furthest Westerly point …

… has been in the dreams of most of us at some time or other, from its Southerly palm trees and sheltered coves, to the imposing black cliffs that stand guard over the Atlantic ocean in the North. Shipwrecks, smugglers and the history of the dark world of tin mining, all go to form our majestic peninsulars’ legendary stories. With the inland areas being less fertile, mining has been exploited since prehistoric times. Continue reading “Cornwall’s Granite Peninsular – Part 1”