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Showcasing those who are touring Britain camping and wild camping.

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Touring & Tenting

Touring and Tenting is an excellent resource that features campsites and forums.

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Gareth & Zoe Wildcamps
(C) Gareth & Zoe Wildcamps

Gareth and Zoe are relative newcomers to wild camping, but have attracted a good audience to their humorous outdoor adventures and wild camps films set around the county. Their content is detailed and absorbing, showcasing that wild camping and hiking can be fun with proper equipment and preparation and doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Wiltshire Man


wiltshire man
(C) Wiltshire Man

Wiltshire Man, Sandy, has a twenty thousand strong following on YouTube for good reason. A man close to nature, his films transports us into a sphere of unseen natural Britain, wild-camping in outdoor arenas, whilst educating the viewer how to accomplish the same.  Sandy has recently taken us with him to the skies on his motor paraglider.

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