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Our featured communities Touring Britain with a spring in their step.



Family run Caravan Gossip is your starting point for caravan touring Vlogs and reviews.

Meet The Trudgians
Meet The Trudgians

The Trudgians are a Wilshire based family who share their adventures and detailed expertise on all things caravanning.

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Touring and Tenting is an excellent resource that features campsites and forums.

The Solitary Rambler

Seaside Housewife

The Wild Native – Traveller and Explorer, Adventurer and Vlogger. Discover the British Isles with Hannah.

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Rick Steve’s Europe

The Cowboy Camper

The Quirky Traveller

Miss Farnabys Travels

In Pursuit of a Dream

Wiltshire man

Andrew Ditton

Make way with the Morleys

Travelling Trev

Get your legs Down

Scotland off the beaten track blogs

Explorer Buddies

Beyond the Van

Indie Projects

Cruising the cut

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California camping

Self built camper van

Scudo camper

Rick van man

Points of Interest:

The Great British Public Toilet Map
The Great British Public Toilet Map

Also: www.poigraves.uk ( Download accurate POI satnav files for free )

Photography: Adam Swaine

Contributors: Youth Hostel Association