Cruising the Cut

An estimated 15000 plus people have left dry land taking the plunge to live on narrowboats and tour Britain along our UK canal system. Living on a canal boat can seem almost idyllic, conjuring up images of brightly painted restful craft tied up alongside sunny country scenes, in harmony with abundant playful wildlife.


The chorus of this commissioned poem written by Ian McMillan,  embraces the nostalgic ambience of canal life:

The canal tells you stories
The canal sings you songs
They hang in that space
Between memory and water

narrow boat Newark
Narrow boat Newark

Former ITV video journalist and corporate video producer, David Johns, who still presents and produces just as effectively today, has a YouTube channel he uses to feature life on board his narrowboat, featuring some beautiful scenery and places to visit, plus boat life guides.

The detailed research David initially undertook prior to purchase, has been brilliantly documented in video format. We join him below in this episode as he cruises from Offenham lock to the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon.

For more great viewing, it is worth noting that David is also documenting the conversion of his 2013 Toyota Proace panel van into a campervan on his website and associated YouTube channel.

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