The Trudgians

Devon Coast

There are a myriad of things the world could benefit from having more of. One of them is the Trudgian family from Wiltshire. We know of few people who can say they have helped nurture the joys of travel for us all as this family has successfully done. Kindness, generosity and a warm approachability makes seeing this family so enjoyable and leaves a vicarious feeling of being there with them as they tour Britain.

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World Heritage Site of The Tamar River

Plymouth -

From the barren peat and granite moorland of Dartmoor to the East, onward to the maritime nursery of Plymouth …

… the 61 mile River Tamar separates the land between Cornwall and Devon fed by its tributaries, and leading us on a journey South. A land of panoramic drama leading through a geology of mudstone, siltstone and sandstone, with whispers of iron-age life, moving Southwards to the throne of our maritime heritage. In this our third blog, we’ll start following the rivers’ passage – a reference to places of interest, before moving East to wild Dartmoor.¬† Continue reading “World Heritage Site of The Tamar River”