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Become a Volunteer Map Administrator

Looking for roles to add to your CV and want a reference*? Join our ever growing list of fabulous volunteers. Read more below …

Senior Social Media Manager: Goretti Marrero Suarez
Twitter Manager – Anna Farrow
Twitter Team Leader: Lea
Frontend Developer: Laura-Jayne Harvey
Descriptive Author: Clive Best (Lead Author)
Place creation authors:
Cornwall – Alan Croxford (County Lead)
London – Simon Brewer
UK – Lizi Mc
UK and Ireland – David B

Express an interest

If you like travelling, exploring and compiling places to visit, then you’ll definitely want to become one of our voluntary map administrators. You don’t necessarily have to apply for the role if you fancy DIYing, and uploading locations as you go, but for those who like a bit of ownership, admin rights and recognition for their work on a CV or job reference, the administrator volunteering role is going to be your way forward.

The role is being developed over time, working both with the back office access and spreadsheets, social media, or wherever your interests lay. The beauty of it of course is that you can come and go as you please, doing as little or as much as you want.

Even when you enrol, you’ll be you be your own boss and decide on the amount of time to invest and leave when you want. The longer your interest stay is, the more in depth access you’ll be offered, with no contract of commitment.

On line training will be given.

The following strands of our mapping work may appeal to you individually or as a group and will become your field of preference. They include:

  • Adding places of touring interest – we’re hoping you’ll take on a County or even become a County lead
  • Adding place descriptions
  • Social media
  • Towns and Villages of interest
  • County/ Borough offerings
  • Hidden city
  • Theme parks
  • Animal welfare and sanctuaries
  • Rail/Canal heritage
  • Sport
  • Heritage
  • Walking/Cycling
  • Museums
  • Coastal interest
  • Parks
  • Nature reserves
  • Useful stops
  • Eating establishments
  • Accommodation referencing
  • Blogged visits
  • Place summarising
  • Place web address finding
  • Map viewing/finding and then adding
  • Touring leaflet collection and uploading the places
  • Forum administration (when created)
  • App development (the next stage of our evolution)

*Role titles will depend on your placement and references will be awarded according to the time you’ve been able to spare.

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