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Click here to see our interactive map Days out plotted on a touring map of the UK and Ireland. Simply locate yourself where you are, or search for an area that you intend to visit…

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Eric Morecambe

Lancashire Coastal Heritage and Hinterland Forest

Sea, hills and woodland hinterland are the backdrop for our exploration in the North of Lancashire … … ¬†One of the wonders of the North, Morecambe’s four mile curved promenade gives panoramic views of Lakeland…

Gower memorial Stratford -

The Bards’ Birthplace

Hundreds of thousands of people pilgrimage to the small vibrant market town of Stratford every year from all parts of the world explore the vestige of the life of William Shakespeare and the legacy he…

Plymouth -

World Heritage Site of The Tamar River

From the barren peat and granite moorland of Dartmoor to the East, onward to the maritime nursery of Plymouth … … the 61 mile River Tamar separates the land between Cornwall and Devon fed by…

Bodmin Moor

Arthurian Mid Cornwall – Part 2

Devonian sandstone and slate landscape, with granite batholith … … ¬†creates a nostalgic Cornish ambience in its middle lands, mystical echos of smugglers, legends, grand houses, wind swept moorland, tempestuous coastline and alluring villages. Seasonal…


Cornwall’s Granite Peninsular – Part 1

The granite land mass of Britain’s furthest Westerly point … … has been in the dreams of most of us at some time or other, from its Southerly palm trees and sheltered coves, to the…

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